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Collection Day

On the 29th September 2012 we set out at 7am from Wiltshire to collect SNB543 from Surrey. We arrived at 10am and she was waiting for us in the yard entrance looking great, gleaming in the sun.

After taking her for a test drive around the local area the paper work was completed and we were now the proud owners of London Country's last Leyland National.

We drove her out of the yard to fill her up at a local service station. After filling her up we stopped at another local services for a closer look at what we had just bought.

Left - Just prior to leaving her old home in Surrey. Right - The services before driving her to the new home in Wiltshire

Both photos (c) SNB543 GROUP

After we had a look over our new purchase we stopped at Reading services for some lunch, with the last leg of the journey to her new home nearly completed we went to the local bus company depot to give her a wash.

 The bus depot just before she went into the bus wash.(c) SNB543 Group

On leaving the bus depot we headed for her new home. After a great day we put her to bed and all went down the local pub for a celebration meal!

Being reversed into her new undercover home. (c) SNB543 Group